Browns QB Deshaun Watson Hearing Begins Tuesday

We are one step closer to knowing Deshaun Watson‘s fate for the upcoming NFL campaign and perhaps beyond.

The Browns quarterback is scheduled to meet with the NFL today regarding potential punishment for the 24 allegations of sexual assault and harassment against him. Multiple reports have stated the league is pushing for an indefinite suspension that would last no shorter than one year.

Meanwhile, the NFLPA will argue that similar incidents involving NFL owners such as Robert Kraft did not result in discipline, despite the league’s policy that states owners and management be held to a higher standard than players.

Retired Judge Sue L. Robinson is scheduled to preside over the hearing. 

Per Mike Florio of Profootballtalk, “If she [Robinson] finds that Watson should not be disciplined at all, the case ends. If any discipline is imposed, the case gets appealed to Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has final say over the process.”

How long this process takes remains to be seen, but NFL fans will be waiting anxiously.

FanDuel Sportsbook currently has the Browns at +2000 odds to win Super Bowl LVII.