FIBA World Cup Betting Insights: Canada Climbing, USA Holding

The thrilling competition of the FIBA World Cup continues, and with it comes a host of betting opportunities. As we venture deeper into the tournament, let’s break down the teams that have caught the eyes of punters and where the money is going.

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Line movement (Open to Current)

  • USA -165 to -185
  • Canada +1400 to +300
  • Germany +2800 to +700
  • Serbia +500 to +800

Canada: From Underdogs to Contenders

Opening Odds: +1400
In a surprise to many, Canada has solidified its place as a genuine contender. Initially entering the tournament at +1400, their odds have shortened significantly as they moved through the stages, now standing at +300 in the semifinals. Punters are clearly taking notice, with Canada boasting a 34.2% ticket percentage, the highest of any World Cup team. However, with a 17.8% handle, it seems the big-money bets are still holding back a bit. Could the Great White North pull off a Cinderella story?

Highest Ticket%

  • Canada 34.2%
  • USA 27.1%
  • Slovenia 4.6%

USA: The Titans Hold Strong

Opening Odds: -165
Team USA, as always, entered as the heavy favorites with odds of -165. Despite a slight improvement in the quarterfinals to -140, their semifinal odds have drifted to -185. With a whopping 72.2% handle percentage that leads all teams, there’s no doubt that the big betters are backing the USA. Interestingly, though, they only hold 27.1% of the total tickets, indicating that while they might be fewer in bets, the bets they do have are significantly larger.

Highest Handle%

  • USA 72.2%
  • Canada 17.8%
  • Lithuania 2.4%

Germany: Consistent Dark Horses

Opening Odds: +2800
The German squad began their journey as major underdogs, with odds as long as +2800. Their journey to the semifinals has seen a vast improvement in odds, now sitting at +700. With a ticket percentage of 4.6% and handle at 1.4%, the German team remains a choice for those looking for a wild card bet.

Biggest Liability

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Lithuania

Serbia: The Rocky Ride

Opening Odds: +500
Starting off reasonably strong at +500, the Serbian team has experienced a turbulent journey in this World Cup. Their odds lengthened to +900 in the quarterfinals, but they’ve managed to pull it back slightly to +800 in the semifinals. Holding 3.8% of the tickets and 1.2% of the handle, they seem to be a lesser favorite among betters, but as history shows, they’re a team that can produce surprises.

While the USA continues to be the major attraction for the big punters, Canada is emerging as a popular choice among the masses. Germany and Serbia, while not commanding as much attention, remain wild card options that could pay off handsomely for those willing to take a risk. As the FIBA World Cup progresses, seeing how these numbers and odds shift will be interesting. 

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