Is There an NCAA Basketball Video Game?

Unfortunately, there is no current NCAA basketball video game. However, this is not breaking news as college hoops fans have not received a new game since 2010. That last game was NCAA Basketball 10 made by EA Sports. Before NCAA Basketball 10, the NCAA basketball video game market was spearheaded by two companies EA Sports and 2K Sports. 2K sports ran their NCAA title up until 2008, and that last edition is widely regarded as the best college basketball game of all time. Sadly, both companies moved away from college basketball as EA Sports focused on Madden and 2K Sports focused on their NBA games. 

NIL Provides Hope

With collegiate athletes now able to receive payment for their name and likeness, it has sparked plans to relaunch college sports video games. So far, EA Sports has announced they plan to release an NCAA Football video game in the summer of 2023. While there are no plans at the moment, the relaunch of the EA Sports college football series certainly opens the door for a new edition of NCAA Basketball.