NHL Stanley Cup Final Matchup Result Odds Power Rankings: Bruins Remain Dominant

Predicting which team will win the Stanley Cup and who they’ll defeat is difficult, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at some potential value.

Below are the top ten forecasted Stanley Cup winners and who they would defeat in the Final on the FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Boston Bruins to beat Colorado Avalanche (+1900) (Last Week: +1900) 

There might be a 23-point gap between the Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche in the standings, but the oddsmakers don’t seem phased. The Bs defeating the Colorado Avalanche for the Stanley Cup has the shortest odds at +1900. 

2. Colorado Avalanche to beat Boston Bruins (+2100) (Last Week: +2100)

Both the Avs and Bruins have separated themselves from the pack in terms of their Stanley Cup odds, but the Avs defeating the Bruins is slightly less probable than Boston winning, which continues to sit at +2100. 

3. Boston Bruins to beat Edmonton Oilers (+2700) (Last Week: +2700)

Nothing has changed over the past seven days regarding the odds for the Boston Bruins to take down the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup Final. The price has remained constant at +2700, which are the third-shortest odds. 

4. Boston Bruins to beat Vegas Golden Knights (+2900) (Last Week: +3000)

One of the loan results that saw their odds get bet down over the last week was the Boston Bruins defeating the Western Conference-leading Vegas Golden Knights, which now sits at +2900. 

5. Boston Bruins to beat Dallas Stars (+3100) (Last Week: +3100)

The Dallas Stars have proven to be a formidable foe in the Western Conference, which has them in the running to play for the Stanley Cup. Boston defeating Dallas in the Stanley Cup Final has seen no line movement and sticks at +3100. 

6. Vegas Golden Knights to beat Boston Bruins (+3300) (Last Week: unranked)

A new matchup has jumped into the top ten, with the Vegas Golden Knights beating the Boston Bruins coming in at +3300. With the success the Golden Knights have manufactured, this addition to the list is a long time coming. 

7. (Tie) Colorado Avalanche to beat Toronto Maple Leafs (+3600) (Last Week: +3600)

With the star talent prevalent here, this matchup would undoubtedly be one for the ages. The Colorado Avalanche defeating the Maple Leafs has stayed stagnant at +3600, with the Avs entering the weekend on a four-game win streak. 

7. (Tie) Toronto Maple Leafs to beat Colorado Avalanche (+3600) (Last Week: +3600)

The Avalanche and Maple Leafs currently have the same odds to defeat each other in the Stanley Cup Final, with the number also sticking at +3600, highlighting how even this matchup would be. 

9. Edmonton Oilers to beat Boston Bruins (+3700) (Last Week: +3700)

Interestingly, this matchup is appearing for the second time on this list, yet the Bruins are sizably favored to take down the Oilers if it transpires. Still, Edmonton picking up the victory is inside the top ten shortest odds at +3700. 

10. Carolina Hurricanes to beat Colorado Avalanche (+3800) (Last Week: +3300)

With the Carolina Hurricanes getting the unfortunate injury news surrounding Andrei Svechnikov, their odds of defeating the defending Stanley Cup Champion Avalanche has taken a hit from +3300 to +3800. 

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