SEC Championship Odds: Georgia or is There a Value Pick?

SEC Championship odds are out, as expected, Georgia leads the pack at -125. Interestingly, LSU is listed at +700 and Alabama at +320. It’s eyebrow-raising, considering both teams have faced losses. However, these are odds for the SEC Championship game-winner. Here’s the kicker: neither LSU nor Alabama has an SEC loss. Additionally, the odds board shows Tennessee at +1200 and Texas A&M at +1400.

So, is it a straightforward choice to back Georgia, or could one of the other teams surprise us?

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Given the non-conference losses of Alabama to Texas and LSU to the Seminoles, some may question why their odds are even that close. But here’s the thing about college football: a non-conference loss doesn’t tarnish a team’s resume as significantly as one might think. This especially holds when discussing the narrow margin of error in college football.

After their non-conference defeats, the Crimson Tide‘s odds to clinch the National Championship have drifted to +3000, while LSU stands at +4500. But interestingly, their SEC odds haven’t witnessed a dramatic shift, primarily because the meat of conference play kicks off this weekend.

Georgia, given its schedule, is rightly the odds-on favorite. A no-show in Atlanta on the opening Saturday would be a disaster for them. Yet, it’s crucial to note that everything’s still on the table for Alabama and LSU. They remain the powerhouses of the SEC West division.

Texas A&M took a hit last Saturday, faltering against Miami. Then there’s Ole Miss. While they managed to pull ahead against a Michael Pratt-less Tulane, questions remain regarding their potential as an actual conference champion and a legitimate contender in the SEC West.

With Alabama and LSU being the giants they are, betting on the Crimson Tide for a divisional price seems a sensible move. However, the primary focus should be the West. Knocking Georgia off their perch appears unlikely at this juncture.

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