Top 10 Mascots in College Sports

Mascots are an aspect of college sports that give schools unique representation. Nothing rallies supporters and brings joy to the fanbase’s youth like a school mascot that can energize their home crowds. To celebrate #NationalMascotDay, we break down the top ten mascots in college sports. 

1. Sparty (Michigan State)

Sparty is the quintessential collegiate sports mascot. He is recognizable, marketable, and represents a school that has had balanced basketball and football success.

2. Brutus Buckeye (Ohio State)

Big Ten rival Brutus Buckeye comes in at number two and has had quite the evolution over the years. We credit him for keeping up with the times as the nation’s only giant nut mascot.

3. The Oregon Duck (Oregon)

Oregon’s Duck (based on Disney’s Donald Duck) is always running around doing something entertaining, whether it be pushups, fighting rival mascots, or being late out of the tunnel at the team’s biggest game ever. Whatever it is, he is a collegiate icon in the mascot game and deserving of his spot at number three.

4. Leprechaun (Notre Dame)

Notre Dame’s Leprechaun is our first human mascot and will always complete your experience at a Fighting Irish sporting event. It takes a dedicated student to dress up in a green suit with a goofy hat in front of thousands of screaming fans, but it will always be a timeless look.

5. Bucky Badger (Wisconsin)

At number five, we have Bucky Badger out of Wisconsin, a unique mascot who has always brought his best look, sporting a dapper turtleneck since 1940. The originality and similar appearance over the years give him a historic feel, which is good enough to make the top five.

6. Uga (Georgia)

Who doesn’t love a dog mascot? Uga has been Georgia’s mascot since 1956, and the bulldog gets bonus points for the clever name, simply the commonly used acronym for the University of Georgia, UGA, pronounced “ugg-uh.”

7. Butler Blue

You can’t include one dog and not the other! Butler Blue is seen panting on the sidelines at most Butler sporting events while touting the Butler “B” across his chest. It’s impossible to walk by this bulldog without giving him a pet or two.

8. Mountaineer

The West Virginia Mountaineer marks the second human mascot to make our list, and with his musket, beard, and fur hat, you can’t miss him. The energy and embodiment of the Mountaineer way of life put him safely on the list at number eight.

9. Raider Red (Texas Tech)

Raider Red is hard to miss with his humungous, fiery red mustache and tall white cowboy hat. He may take a back seat to the school’s primary mascot, the Masked Rider, but he remains an iconic figure for the school.

10. Stanford Tree (Stanford)

The Stanford Tree sneaks on this list for its… uniqueness. It’s hard to exclude a tree with eyes and a mouth that may give most children nightmares for the next few days.