Two Sides of the Gonzaga vs. UCLA Matchup

The UCLA Bruins as an underdog at the FanDuel Sportsbook is a play worth looking at. The confidence with this group and their ability to slow down Michigan last week was very impressive. Now, obviously, they’re going to need a monumental effort, but they’re playing with house money, so they really have nothing to lose.

All the pressure is on Gonzaga. When that pressure builds up, do they start to feel the effect of trying to run unscathed and undefeated throughout the NCAA tournament? It could very well catch up to them against this plucky Bruins bunch. UCLA may not win, but they can definitely hang around to cover such a significant number and could do it quite easily.

On the flip side, this Bulldogs team is one of the loosest teams ever. They’re just a bunch of fun-loving, jokey goofballs and don’t seem like a tense group. That being said, that pressure could kick in on the championship night. That’s when the stress kicks in for Gonzaga when they step on the floor, and they realize we’re 31-0 and 40 minutes away from greatness, and they’re looking at the Baylor Bears in the face.